Researcher Grand Prix: Sep 29, 2017

I will participate in the competition Forskar Grand Prix that takes place at AlbaNova on the KTH Campus on September 29th, 2017 at 2:30 pm. I will take part in the Stockholm edition of this nation-wide competition as one out of two representatives for KTH. The idea is to explain one’s research to a high school audience, and capture their interest, all in just 4 minutes.

If you happen to be in Stockholm, please come by and cheer for me and our field! You will also get the opportunity to learn more from other great researchers in medicine, linguistics and chemistry!

Update: I won silver medal for my presentation on “Large scale collaboration in networks”. It was a great event! Congratulations to the winner Peter Ueda, I will cheer for you in the national finals!

At Forskar Grand Prix 2017