Conferences in June and July 2018

I will be attending the 2018 American Control Conference in Milwaukee between June 27-29. I will present our paper “Performance Limitations of Distributed Integral Control in Power Networks under Noisy Measurements” in the Friday’s A session.

I will also attend the 23rd International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems (MTNS2018) in Hong Kong between July 16-20. Here, I will present the paper “Noise-Induced Limitations to the Scalability of Distributed Integral Control“.

Both presentations deal with the difficulties in adding distributed integral action to large-scale networked systems, if measurements are noisy.

We are also hosting the 2018 Swedish Control Conference (Reglermöte 2018) here at KTH on June 19-20. I am giving a talk on June 20th.