MTNS 2016: Coherence in large-scale networks with distributed dynamic feedback

I presented our work titled “Coherence and Stability in Large-Scale Networks with Distributed Dynamic Feedback” at the 22nd International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems, MTNS, in Minneapolis in July this year. Here are the slides

This is joint work with Partha Mitra at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, my main advisor Henrik Sandberg at KTH and Basssam Bamieh at UCSB. It extends previous work on coherence in large-scale networks by considering dynamic feedback laws with a single auxiliary state in the controller. We discuss in which cases such dynamic feedback can be used to improve performance in terms of coherence measures in networks with consensus type dynamics, such as vehicle platoons.

We are currently putting the final touches to the manuscript. In the meantime, you can read about this work in my licentiate thesis.

Sun reflected in the Weisman Art Museum on the University of Minnesota campus, July 2016.